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Pelancaran GOLDINA dengan kehadiran 13,000 usahawan di Setia City Convention Center, pada 26 Januari 2020.

Trade Gold in Fractions


Will The Gold Price Crash Or Shine This Week?

Gold prices are within a whisker distance of touching the record high of $1,921, last witnessed in 2011. It is pretty clear that nothing can stop the precious metal reaching its record high. For investors, it is not about the record high, it’s about the $2,000 price level, and the question is whether the gold price will crash or shine this week?

Trade Gold in Fractions


Message behind gold’s rally – world economy is in trouble

At the close of trading in New York on Friday, bullion had spiralled to US$1,902.02 an ounce, some 30% higher than the low it hit in March and just 1% off a record high set back in 2011.

Trade Gold in Fractions

Goldman says it's time to buy gold as fear spreads across global markets

Goldman Sachs says now is the time to buy gold, the safe-haven asset, amid market panic over the impact of the growing coronavirus pandemic. The commodity, which is considered "the currency of last resort," has slumped lately as investors sell the safe asset for dollars, according to a Monday note from analysts led by Jeffrey Currie.