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What is the GOLDINA App?

Where is the gold sourced from?

Are GOLDINA transactions legitimate and approved by BNM?

The GOLDINA mobile store application (app) is an exclusive platform for registered account holders (subscribers) of Goldina International Sdn Bhd to buy, sell and redeem 100% physically backed gold within the app.

The physical gold bars are sourced via international gold mints which are recognized by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).


Goldina International Sdn Bhd utilizes the services of Singapore Precious Metals Exchange Pte Ltd to facilitate the storage and procurement of gold, based at Le Freeport, Singapore.

GOLDINA International Sdn Bhd is registered with the Companies Commission Malaysia (SSM) with the approved nature of business of retailing and trading physical gold. With that said, gold retail businesses do not require the approval of Bank Negara Malaysia.


Are there any registration fees?

Are there any processing fees?

What are the transaction fees for buying or selling?

What are the charges to make a recurring purchase?

Are there any storage fees?

What are the transfer fees?

There are no registration fees.

Only payments via FPX (Internet Banking) will be charged a processing fee of RM 1.30 per transaction.

The transactions fees are as follows:

·     1.75% of the buy value (pay in RM)

·     1.75% of the sell value (pay in RM)

A one-time authentication fee of RM 1.00 will be deducted from your account. Subsequently, for every recurring purchase, a processing fee of RM 1.30 will be charged from your recurring amount.

There are no storage fees.

The transfer fee is 0.25% of the transfer amount, which is collected in the form of ozt. Transactions equivalent or below RM 18.00 is subject to the minimum transfer fee of RM 0.05.


How do I get the GOLDINA app?

Android users can download the app via Google Play Store

iOS users can download the app via App Store

Buy & Sell Gold

How to buy gold?

What are the payment methods available to buy gold?

How to sell gold?

How do I withdraw the funds from the proceeds of my sold gold?

What is the processing time for buying and selling gold?

How many times a day can I buy/sell gold?

If I have physical gold in hand, can I sell it to GOLDINA?

Step#1 - Login to your GOLDINA app account

Step#2 - Click on the “Buy” icon

Step#3 - Choose and click the desired payment method

Step#4 - Key in the value (RM) that you wish to buy; then, click Next

Step#5 - After you have gone through the details, click on the confirmation button (you will be redirected to the FPX portal for online banking)

Online banking from your personal bank account only. Cash and third-party transactions are not acceptable.

Each Instant Pay (FPX transaction) is limited to RM 30,000.00 only.

Example : To purchase 1kilo (32.1507ozt) RM 250,000.00, you are required to make multiple purchases, subject to the transaction limit which may vary from each corresponding bank.

Step#1 - Login to your GOLDINA app account

Step#2 - Click on the “Sell” icon

Step#3 - Key in the value (in RM) that you wish to sell; then click Next

Step#4 - After you have gone through the details, click on the confirmation button (the amount of gold in OZT will be deducted from your account and the funds will be credited into your Cash Wallet)

Step#1 - Login to your GOLDINA app account

Step#2 - Click on the “Cash Wallet” icon

Step#3 - Key in the amount (in RM) that you wish to withdraw; then, click Next

Step#4 - Fill in all required details*

Step#5 - After you have gone through the details, click on the confirmation button (we will process the withdrawal between 3-5 working days)

*Please note that GOLDINA does not recognize third-party accounts. Beneficiary details must match with registered details with GOLDINA.

Settlement is real time.


Once your payment has been successfully processed and received, your gold will be credited into your account immediately.


Once your gold is sold, the funds* will be credited into your Cash Wallet.

*You may withdraw your funds to your personal bank account or utilize the funds to buy gold via the app.

Currently, there is no limit for you to transact, as the platform is open for transactions from Mondays to Saturdays, 6AM to 5AM (UTC/GMT +8:00) and is closed daily, between 5AM to 6AM (UTC/GMT +8:00) and all day on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Yes, GOLDINA will buy back your physical gold purchased (redeemed) from GOLDINA; subject to verification and validation of the physical gold.


What should I do if have forgotten my password?

How do I change my email address that is registered with GOLDINA?

How do I update my phone number?

Can I use the same email address with different users?

If you are unable to remember your password, kindly click on the FORGOT PASSWORD? link and follow the instructions there.

To change your email address, write in to to make the request.

To update your phone number, write in to to make the request.

No. Only one registered email can be used per user account.


What is the minimum gram/ozt of physical gold that I can redeem?

What is the insurance coverage and delivery charges?

GOLDINA offers redemption in the following gold denominations:

·     1g

·     5g

·     50g

·     100g

·     1,000g

Each redemption is subject to processing and shipping/insurance fees. Upon the confirmation of quantity and type of gold to be redeemed, GOLDINA will notify you on the total cost of redemption.

For redemption, the only option available currently is self-collection. Once we have included the delivery option, we will update our website and the mobile app accordingly.

Recurring Purchase

What is a recurring purchase?

When will the purchase be charged each month?

What are the purchase amounts I can make?

Recurring purchases is a subscription for automatic monthly purchases of gold. For recurring purchases, the specified amount will be auto-deducted from your bank on a monthly basis.

The purchase will be charged every first working day of the month, as long as it has been approved and is not put on-hold.

Your recurring purchase can be made in any of the following amounts:

·     RM 20.00

·     RM 50.00

·     RM 100.00

·     RM 500.00

·     RM 1,000.00